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          When Let us build a computer to your needs or budget  


Network - Let us Help you network your home, home office, or office.  Share resources can help you whether you are home, or in the office.    Whether you have a few computers or a mid-size network, Positive Images Computer Services can take the headache out of the network.  We handle setup, installation, administration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. 

Let us configure your network to allow multiple computers to access the Internet. We will provide, install, and configure the necessary hardware and software for your home or business, allowing you to share a high-speed DSL or Cable Internet connection.

If you want the convenience and power of a network in your home or business but want the flexibility of wireless, contact us. A wireless network is affordable and flexible. You can place a PC virtually anywhere in your home or office, and roam via laptop. Surf the Internet from your couch or bedroom without wires, access your network from the boardroom, the possibilities are limitless.  

Positive Images Computer Services excels at cost-effective Network Solutions without giving up quality.

Website  - We can take your ideas for websites and make them 

Others - WHAT ARE OTHERS? you ask. Just go to or online store and see that we have taken the time to procure other items at low prices for our clients.  We sell household items to toys and reduced costs!


Computers starting as low as $125.00

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